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Provincial Advisory Council

Parent Material

The mineral or organic matter from which the upper layers of soil are formed.

Park-like Structure

Stands with large scattered trees and open growing conditions, usually maintained by ground fires.

Partial cutting

Removal of part of a stand of trees for purposes other than regenerating a new age class. Partial cutting is not a regeneration method.

Partial Retention

A visual quality objective which, in general, means man's activities may be evident but must remain subordinate to the characteristic landscape.

Passive (natural) management

Management approach in which human intervention in an ecosystem is minimal, with natural processes such as fire and insect and disease infestations allowed to play out their 'natural' role. For fire management, this would mean allowing some lightning fires to burn or allowing only prescribed fires with burning prescriptions that mimicked the natural fire regime in size, intensity, and frequency.


An area of homogeneous vegetation, in structure and composition.

Patch Cut

A clearcut that creates small openings in a stand of trees, usually between 15 and 40 acres in size. On the Dixie National Forest and elsewhere, patchcuts are used to provide the disturbance needed to regenerate aspen.


Downward flow or infiltration of water through the pores or spaces of rock or soil.

Permitted Grazing

Grazing on a National Forest or Bureau of Land Management range allotment under the terms of a grazing permit.

Permitted Use

The forage allocated by, or under the guidance of, an applicable land use plan for livestock grazing in an allotment under a permit or lease; expressed in Animal Unit Months (AUMs) (43 CFR 4100.0-5).


A person or company permitted to graze livestock on public land.

Personal Use

The use of a forest product, such as firewood, for home use and not for commercial use.


A form of rock art created by incising, scratching or pecking designs into rock surfaces.

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