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Litter (forest litter)

The freshly fallen or only slightly decomposed plant material on the forest floor. This layer includes foliage, bark fragments, twigs, flowers, and fruit.

Local roads

Classified roads that connect terminal activities (e.g., trail head, log landing, camping site) to collector and arterial roads. They are constructed to meet the access requirements of a specific resource activity rather than for travel efficiency. When not in use for the activity for which they were constructed, local roads may be used for other purposes. They are often closed to restrict motor use. The construction standards for these roads are determined by the requirements necessary for the specific resource activity.

Locatable Minerals

A mineral subject to location under the 1872 mining laws. Examples of such minerals would be gold, silver, copper, and lead as compared to oil and natural gas which are leasable minerals.

Logging Residue (Slash)

The residue left on the ground after timber cutting. It includes un-utilized logs, uprooted stumps, broken branches, bark, and leaves. Certain amounts of slash provide important ecosystem roles, such as soil protection, nutrient cycling, and wildlife habitat.


Land use plan

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