Glossary of Terms

Escape cover

Vegetation of sufficient size and density to hide an animal, or an area used by animals toescape from predators.

Essentially roaded

Areas of National Forest System land where classified and temporary roads now exist.

Essentially unroaded

A combination of National Forest System Wilderness and inventoried roadless areas.

Evaluation (Plan Evaluation)

The process of reviewing the land use plan and the periodic plan monitoring reports to determine whether the land use plan decisions and NEPA analysis are still valid and whether the plan is being implemented.

Even-aged (silvicultural) management

The methods used to regenerate and maintain a stand with a single age class. Timber management actions that result in the creation of stands of trees in whichthe trees are essentially the same age.


A specific circumstance where prohibited activity would be allowed within an inventoried roadless area that is otherwise subject to the prohibitions in the alternatives.


A geographic area that is not subject to the prohibitions in the alternatives.

Existing mineral lease

A mineral lease that has been issued by the Department of the Interior and has not expired, terminated, or been relinquished.

Expanded Amenity Fee

Fees charged for "extras" that aren't basic entrance or standard amenity fees and aren't generally covered by the National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands Passes. Examples include campgrounds, boat launches, cabins, and guided tours. National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands Passes generally do not cover these fees; however, Senior and Access Passess may qualify Pass owners for some discounts.


Federal Advisory Committee Act

Federal Land

Land owned by the United States, without reference to how the land was acquired or which Federal Agency administers the land, including mineral and coal estates underlying private surface.

Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 (FLPMA)

Public Law 94-579, which gives the BLM legal authority to establish public land policy, to establish guidelines for administering such policy and to provide for management, protection, development and enhancement of the public land.

Federally listed threatened and endangered species

A plant or animal that is in danger of extinction throughout all, or a significant portion, of its range. Endangered species are identified by the Secretary of the Interior in accordance with the Endangered Species Act of 1973.


Cutting down trees.

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