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BLM Initiates Environmental Review of Solar Power Project in Eastern Riverside County

(Mar 26, 2010) - The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the California Energy Commission (CEC) today released for public comment a Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Staff Assessment (DEIS/SA) for the NextEra Energy Resources Genesis Solar Power Plant in Riverside County, Calif.

NextEra Energy has applied to the BLM for a right-of-way on public lands to construct a 250-megawatt solar energy power plant facility on approximately 1,800 acres 25 miles west of Blythe and north of Interstate 10.

The BLM and CEC will use the public comments received to prepare a Staff Assessment; Errata and Final EIS, with separate agency decisions expected later in the year.

The joint DEIS/SA, which also includes a possible BLM land use plan amendment, is available online at  www.energy.ca.gov/sitingcases/genesis_solar/documents/.

An official 90-day comment period will begin upon publication of the notice of availability in the Federal Register by the Environmental Protection Agency, expected shortly.  BLM and CEC will hold at least one joint public hearing or meeting on the project.  The exact date, time and location for the public hearing or meeting, as well as the end of the comment period, will be published on CEC and BLM websites and announced in local media.

Comments can be sent by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by fax to (916) 654-4894, or by mail or other delivery service to Mike Monasmith, Project Manager, Siting, Transmission and Environmental Protection Division, California Energy Commission, 1516 Ninth Street, MS-15, Sacramento, CA 95814,  or Allison Shaffer, Project Manager, Palm Springs South Coast Field Office, Bureau of Land Management, 1201 Bird Center Drive, Palm Springs, CA, 92262.

Copies of the Draft EIS/SA are available from the CEC and the BLM at the above addresses.  For further information, contact Allison Shaffer, BLM project manager, at (760) 833-7100 or Mike Monasmith, CEC project manager, at (916) 653-8236.