National Association of State ForestersState forestry agencies and their federal partners including the USDA Forest Service are dedicated to working together to achieve national-level conservation and economic goals that are outlined in the Forest Action Plans.

The 2016 State & Private Forestry Report summarizes the review of the most recent information prepared by state forestry agencies to address these goals, including recent accomplishments as well as plans for the future. This analysis and summary report helps demonstrate the value of investment in state and private forestry programs as well as articulate future challenges and priorities based on 2015 Forest Action Plan progress reports provided by the state and territorial forestry agencies of the United States.

This report includes highlights of accomplishments from several states as well as a vision for the future of forestry. More than 50 new documents totaling more than 1,000 pages of information were reviewed to identify key accomplishments and emerging trends.

In the forestry title of the 2008 Farm Bill, leaders in Congress identified three national conservation priorities for America’s forests:

— Conserve and manage working forest landscapes for multiple values and uses;
— Protect forests from threats;
— Enhance public benefits from trees and forests.

In 2010 the State Foresters delivered statewide assessments and strategies for forest resources to help advance this nationwide effort to protect and sustain healthy forests. Known as the Forest Action Plans, collectively these documents represent a strategic roadmap for America’s forests.

The Forest Action Plans are state-specific documents that help direct limited resources to priority areas where they are needed most and offer proactive strategies to conserve, protect and enhance the trees and forests upon which we all depend.

America’s Forest Action Plans have reached their five year anniversary, and this report illustrates their power to ensure efficiencies, create stronger partnerships, and deliver more “bang for one’s buck” when it comes to investing in priority landscapes. Forest Action Plans should continue to be consulted when making decisions about forest resources.


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