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Projects Accomplished through Partnership

Repaired foot bridge near Bear Creek on the WDRD.SPRINGVILLE, CA, April 17, 2017 – Located on 1,100 acres above Springville, SCICON is an outdoor school of science and conservation operated by the Tulare County Office of Education. The Sequoia National Forest and SCICON have developed a great partnership over the past couple of years.

With the construction of a new office at SCICON by the Tulare County Office of Education, the Forest Service can house a fire engine and staff at the facility, and when times are slow, they help with needed facility maintenance.

This winter, several foot bridges were damaged by high water and debris rushing down Bear Creek across the SCICON property.  Firefighters were able to clear the debris, secure the bridges, and make needed repairs in time for students to have safe access. 


Forest Service Engine 25 firefighters, under a cost share agreement, worked with the staff at SCICON to complete projects around the facility that would not be accomplished without their help. Along with bridge repair, they have completed trail maintenance, hazard tree reduction, and minor construction.

“This partnership allows Tulare County Students to learn about the Forest Service and the many different ways they serve our community,” said Dianne Shew, SCICON Administrator.

 “We are proud to be good partners, and able to provide a service to SCICON while Engine 25 and its firefighters are housed at that location,” stated District Ranger Eric LaPrice.  “Though Engine 25’s primary focus is firefighting, this partnership is successful in meeting the needs of both the Forest Service and SCICON.”

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