Modoc NF Travel Management to be Reviewed

The Modoc National Forest proposes to add 331 miles of unauthorized routes to the National Forest Transportation System (NFTS) on the Modoc National Forest and change the vehicle class on 513 miles of Maintenance Level 3 (ML3) roads to allow for mixed use by both highway legal and non-highway legal vehicles as originally proposed in the Motorized Travel Management FEIS and ROD (November, 2009).

Completion date for the supplemental document is expected to be in December 2011. There will be a 45-day comment period once the document is issued.  The Responsible Official will decide whether to (1) Implement the Proposed Action; (2) take no action.

This document will supplement the existing Motorized Travel Management FEIS (Volume 1, Volume 2, and (ROD) Record of Decision) and includes a decision letter signed by Angela Coleman (Appeal Deciding Officer) dated March 11, 2011 that reversed part of the decision. All of the information in the existing Travel Management EIS will be considered when creating the Supplemental Information document including, but not limited to, the response to comments and public scoping comments.Show citation box

This notice of intent initiates the development of a supplement for the Motorized Travel Management FEIS. All interested parties from the previous Travel Management FEIS will be notified of the supplement's availability when completed.

Once the document is issued, it is important that reviewers provide their comments at such times and in such manner that they are useful to the agency's preparation of this supplemental document. All scoping comments from the previous Motorized Travel Management FEIS have already been considered and do not need to be resubmitted.

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