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Piute Mountain Travel Management Plan to be Developed

The Sequoia National Forest proposes to develop a travel management plan for the Piute Mountains, located in northeast Kern County, California. The Piute Mountains, with a mixed conifer and pine forest, are included in the eastside Sierra Nevada ecosystem. The project area for this analysis includes 77,679 acres of National Forest System land in the Piute Mountains part of the Sequoia National Forest.  There are an additional 7,170 acres of private land within the Piute Mountains. The Piute fire burned approximately 37,000 acres within the Piute Mountains in 2008.

The Sequoia National Forest intends to prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS) to evaluate the possible effects associated with the proposed action which will add approximately 125 miles of existing roads and trails to the National Forest Transportation System (NFTS), and close approximately 5 miles of NFTS roads and trails, 4.5 miles of which are currently open only to motorcycle, and close 0.5 mile of roads open to all vehicles (Table 1). The proposed action includes an amendment to the Sequoia National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan that would change approximately 7,175 acres of semi-primitive non-motorized (SPNM) recreation land to semi-primitive motorized.

DATES: Comments concerning the proposed action must be received by March 21, 2011. The Forest Service expects to release the draft environmental impact statement in mid October 2011, and the final environmental impact statement by the end of December 2011.

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