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USFS to Revise Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit Plan

Plan Revision for Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, Alpine, El Dorado, and Placer Counties, CA; Douglas and Washoe Counties, and Carson City, NV


SUMMARY: As directed by the National Forest Management Act, the USDA Forest Service is preparing the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit (referred to as the LTBMU) revised land management plan (forest plan) and will also prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS) for this revised plan. This notice briefly describes the nature of the decision to be made, the need for change, and information concerning public participation. It also provides estimated dates for filing the EIS and the names and addresses of the responsible agency official and the individuals who can provide additional information. Finally, this notice briefly describes the applicable planning rule and how work done on the plan revision under the 2008 planning rule will be used or modified for completing this plan revision.

The revised forest plan will supersede the forest plan previously approved by the Regional Forester on Dec. 2, 1988. The current forest plan has been amended ten times since its approval, including the Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendment (January 2004). This amended Plan remains in effect until the revision takes effect.

DATES: Comments concerning the need for change provided in this notice will be most useful in the development of the draft revised forest plan and draft environmental impact statement if received by April 30, 2010. The agency expects to release a draft revised forest plan and draft EIS for formal comment by fall, 2010 and a final revised forest plan and final EIS by summer, 2011. Public meetings to gather additional input on potential alternatives to the proposed action are scheduled for spring, 2010. The dates, times, and locations of these meetings will be sent to members of the plan revision notification list and posted on the LTBMU Web site: http://fs.usda.gov/ltbmu.

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